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BY alfredjimenez
Is there a mechanism to detect and take action when filament runs out? Ideally the printer should stop and wait for more filament to be inserted?? If you have a print job that lasts 8 hours+ and then you run out of filament it can be frustrating to have to start all over. Not to mention the waste at that point.

I am waiting for my Tiko, looks like it should be in to me in January. But I am doing a lot of research, so forgive me for not waiting with this question.

We are working on a function that will allow the print to pause during a print, but at the moment if you run out in mid-print, the filament will unload automatically and the print will cancel. It's certainly a feature we're looking at building into the slicer, but print quality is our number one priority right now!

Krista @ Team Tiko