Discuss problems you're having with your Tiko and the ways to solve them.
BY JohninOttawa
I know there has been a lot posted on this topic. I'm wondering if this is related to backlash and play, or something else.

I have 160g of weight per motor, some teflon on the clips, not sure if the issue too much play or too much weight and friction.

It looks to me like a one time re-orientation, like the printer's reference has been reset, then it continues on its merry way, only using the 'new' reference.


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BY alfredjimenez
I have 85g per motor and printed this model as well. You may try reducing weight. Amount of weight is hit or miss per Tiko.

BY IvanChai@gmail.com
To me this looks like a software glitch. I have 100% of my prints shifting at least once by 1-15mm at a random layer. I have TIKO with no mods.

1-inch cube sliced in TIKO with 100% fill and 0.05 mm layers:

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BY Pratyeka
With the Tiko this kind of random shift is never a software glitch, from my experience. Check the black sleeve covering the bowden tube, it's too heavy and rigid. it causes the shifting when it hits the connecting rods. Removing the black sleeve cures most of it and won't affect operation. also moving the extruder assembly inside the filament well to allow better routing of the bowden tube works great.