General Tiko-related discussion.
BY FritzToch
Can't do that until we figure out what chip/platform they used. I'll probably start doing that this weekend. Anyone else is also welcome to collaborate on this/wants too. Shoot me a pm
I already did. It's the TI CC3200.
Here's the thread I posted about the serial console.
BY criton01
Has anyone looked at the session used between the Printer and Browser?
I'm interested in whether that can give us an Idea as to the calls it makes?
sometimes you can access the back end coding if we find what language the board used in the first place. I'm assuming a version of Linux and apache for its web sessions and OS.
I found the SKD for the board. we can start programming at a core level to see if it will be able to handle a micro USB input.
The board does allow for that kind of connection from what I'm reading. It uses the simplelink framework.. that is a customization platform. I have posted this link on another thread but worth posting here...
the TI SKD for the CC3200 Simplelink MCU
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