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BY knpwrs
This seems arbitrarily small. The smallest I could get my avatar as a 75x75 JPEG at 0% quality was still higher than 6KiB. I had to export my avatar as a gif in order to upload it here. Is there any chance we could allow for larger uploads?
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BY MadModder
I wonder what software you use. I just tried saving a 75x75 JPG resized photo with lots of colours and details with 80% quality in Irfanview and it became 6kiB.
I tried taking your GIF and save that as 80% JPG, and it became 3kiB.
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BY EngineerGuy
Yeah, you can get pretty decent quality from that. I think I just used Paint to resize to the correct pixel size
though, i suppose with a GIF format, it's actually multiple stacked pictures, so you'd sacrifice a lot in quality to get animation.
Use jpg for non-moving pictures