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BY Pratyeka
This is a dragon printed using the WIT slicer, 215C temp, 0.10 layer thickness, 33% infill. ... zVtODJUUzA ... VRZTk5aVVk ... FY2dG5pSzQ

Only the tip of the wing came out brittle, probably because of the lack of cooling. Next time I'll lower the temp and see.
~8 hrs of print time.
Here is the link to the model:
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BY Pratyeka
Latest 2 prints: ... mkzdU5SSVk ... 295c1p5NDA

The Buddha is 81mm tall. Print setting: 210C, 0.15mm, 15%
The alien egg is 56mm X 55mm. Print setting: 210C, 0.20mm, 15%
No more layer shifting, just some uneveness and little blobs under the overhangs.
Raft came out nicely.

The filament is Form Futura Easyfill PLA : ... 7841718600
This filament is so much easier to work with, more flexible out of the reel than the blue gem that came with the Tiko.
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BY dspeers
This is a dragon printed using the WIT slicer, 215C temp, 0.10 layer thickness, 33% infill.
When I saw this I thought to myself, "Challenge accepted!" And then every time I tried to print this thing, once it got up to the wings, the nozzle would put pressure on the print and dislodge it from the bed and that would be it. It think this is partly because at this point in the print the wing is offset enough from the center of the model that there's no raft below it, so it would take less pressure to knock it loose.

Last night I tried again with new filament (not the blue crap) and I repositioned the model on the build plate because that seems to help somehow with layer shifting. This is the result.

Hot off the pr inter:
Pretty good detail around the head and wings, no blobbing or shifting.
Looks like not enough material being extruded for this top surface at the base.
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BY Pratyeka
Well Done! The first thing I experimented with the advance settings is the speed, which I took from 50 down to 30, 20 down to 10. Temperature is critical. Cleanliness of the bed is critical, wash with dish soap. The speed being too fast cured the empty spots on the surfaces.
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BY Pratyeka
my largest print, 10hr +, raft is 105mm wide. 0.2 layers, temp 205C, 15% infill. Advance settings:
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BY Pratyeka
Dragon Bowl, 50% because I was running out of filament on that spool.: ... -bowl-6404
Very hard to remove the raft, wish we could turn it off for models with a wide base like this.
BY FritzToch
Fantastic prints as usual! The top layer of the raft can be adjusted, as well as the space between it and the bottom of the print, but those settings haven't been exposed in the slicer interface yet. Those of us using 3rd party slicers haven't had much luck yet, but the race is on to see if we solve the problem before Tiko's developers do.
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BY Pratyeka
I had to use a band saw at work to cut off the raft then grit 40 sandpaper to even it.
I have now started the same Dragon Bowl at 80%, which is the biggest the Tiko can fit. It will take 31 hrs. Wish me luck.
Update: The gold filament from Filament 3D Quebec prints very nice!
Surpise, the print completed in less than 22hrs, not the 31hrs the WIT indicated.
Printed at 201C, 0.15 res, 25% infill.
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