Here you can find your threads and posts about buying or selling that existed before the forum update.
BY eca
Just wondering if anyone wants to back-out and give up their Tiko (I will of course pay the amount you pledged).


BY bms doug
Hi Eric, Dmitry asked on the kickstarter comments about giving up his pledge, Both the Tiko Team and I have directed him here.
Dmitry 5 days ago

I believe in this project and its creators, but bwah! S**t happens. Some things have changed in my life... To make long story short: I need these money. If the team is kind enough - please cancel my pledge! Else - I'm ready to pass the pledge to anyone else (who needs it) for refund, but I don't know how to do this.
Creator Tiko 3D about 5 hours ago

Hey guys!

Ah yes, indeed an update is in the works. We're holding out to get just a few more photos and a few items in the mail, and with Monday being a holiday here, we're expecting to post by mid-week.

@Dmitry - No worries, we've actually received a number of PM's expressing interest in your Tiko, so here's our suggestion; create an account at the Tiko 3D forum and list your spot - someone is sure to grab it. Then just PM us (via KS) with the new owner's information and we'll take it from there. Everybody wins!

Regarding updating shipping information, have no fear, that will be done via the shipping-survey which will be sent out closer to delivery! We're holding off just in case more of these situations pop up, and there have been quite a few (congratulations by the way, we hope Tiko will feel like a housewarming gift when it arrives!)

@Syed - Ah yes, the mailbox has been a bit backed up. Sharon is working hard to reply to everyone, but we regularly steal her away for financial/legal meetings. She likes you guys more than the other things (who wouldn't, right?) but we're pretty needy. You'll hear back soon, though!

All the best!

Team Tiko
Doug Jefferies just now

@Dmitry, As the Tiko team have said, people on the forums are asking if anyone would give up their spot:
BY 0legych
Hello, Tiko Team!

How can I pass my pledge to another person? What data do you need for such transfer? Ángel - Sakun-ice (buyer) and I (seller) have sent these questions to more than week ago, but still did not receive any answer. We are still waiting.

With best regards