Post your topics about what you have for sale that relates to Tiko and 3D printing!
BY bigt
I have an unopened Tiko3D for sale price negotiable. Haven't gotten around to setting it up and don't think I have the time with school starting. Shipping only to the US or local pickup.
BY SirTiko
Hey bigt,
I am very interested in buying the machine. As I am living in Germany I would be willing to arrange the transport with pickup at your place (via FedEx or alike). Obviously I would pay in advance (ideally via PayPal).
Given these circumstances, would it be possible to change your mind on the "US only" issue?
BY bigt
If you can arrange and pay for shipping I would sell. I'm not sure of the customs problems we may have with the machine. I would need payment in advance for everything to ship and go through. I wanted to avoid the headache, that is why I wanted it US only. Let me know what you come up with.