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BY lacer8
Hi there. I know I'm getting ahead of myself a bit, but I'm excited to have some choices of filament on hand when I receive my Tiko. However, I'm having trouble locating any that is mounted on the correct spool size. According to the Instagram post, "Tiko accepts standard 1.75mm filament on 165mm diameter spools. " I've looked at Matterhackers and Amazon, and haven't found this to be a common size. In fact, I've not found that spool size at all, though I've not spent very long searching.

Are we going to need to hand load spools or is this a common size somewhere?
BY lacer8
Thanks Royt, I couldn't find the dimensions at first, but located them on the print settings page. At least the overall diameter will work, though I don't know about spindle diameter or height. Anyway, I ordered a spool and in a few months when I receive the printer, I'll report back here on how it fits.
BY zidanet
From what I can tell, Tiko just pulls the filaments in, so for all I care, I can probably mount a paper towel holder above the Tiko and use it to hold spools of filaments......
BY 3dtech
When I found out I’d be reviewing XYZprinting’s da Vinci Pro 1.0 a few months ago, I was quite excited to see just how well the company’s first-ever 3D printer with an open filament system would function. I had first seen the da Vinci Pro briefly at an XYZprinting demo that I reported on back in October of last year and, at first glance, the da Vinci Pro definitely seemed like a bargain in my eyes (priced at just $699). When I finally got my hands on it, it was time to put that first impression to the test, and so, I unpacked the Pro and decided to get started right away. types of 3d printing materials