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BY maddenvip
Prandelli repeatedly remind Balotelli to Madden Mobile Coins pay attention to their words and deeds. Today, less than two months away from the Brazilian World Cup, May 15, Italy will be gathered in the Corvciano, leaving Prandelli to determine the 23 list of the time is not much, if Balotelli Can not get rid of the dilemma, and ultimately may be excluded from the large list of Prandelli. Italy and England,

Uruguay was divided in the NFL 18 Coins same group, Liverpool striker double Sha Suarez, Sturge this season, the state is excellent, is expected to help the Red Army win the Premier League title, if there is no Balotelli, Italy against what against England, Uruguay? "Gazzetta dello Sport," said Prandelli's B plan is to use Cassano to play the role of nine and a half, and then in front of an arrow on top of the characters.

Cassano last year, although away from the national team, but in the performance of Palma is very good, Prandelli has not forgotten Barry boy. As for the arrow figures, because of Mobley this season has scored 20 goals, and no a penalty, Deserto recently in Rome's performance is also good, the two strikers are favored by Prandelli. Milan missed Champions League next season is a foregone conclusion, the team in the summer is bound to sell one or two valuable players,

Balotelli and the maddenvip team now fall out, more increased his possible transfer this summer. More than a year ago, Milan from Manchester City to introduce Balotelli spent 24 million euros, Galliani had hoped that after the World Cup Balotelli's worth can be improved, and then took the opportunity to sell it, but if the World Cup, Lottley's worth will also be affected. Baluoteli interested in the wealthy there are many, mainly concentrated in the French and Premiership.