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You design a piece (or ask them to do it) and they will upload and check the part. Perhaps the file can not be 3D printed because it would be too delicate or the mold won't work etc. So it is helpful to first ask for some design rules, employ someone with experience or look at many examples.

They print the wax mold and lost wax cast it, finish the gold part etc. Its actually pretty simple and has been deployed for many years in the jewelry business.

Getting more into the nuts and bolts of your question, it would be easy enough to 3D print a model to lay a mold around- however, most materials printed by commercial 3D printers will not simply melt out. 3d printing service delhi bengaluru mumbai


If I were given this task and a choice of a couple commercial 3D printers, I would go ahead and print my part- then, I would do an an acetone dip to smooth out the 'steps' and roughness that most 3D printers will still give to parts- a careful acetone dip can achieve the smoothness of the finest wax mold in a fraction of the worker-hours. I would lay out my mold (risers, sprue, etc) as normal, and then when the mold material had fully set, I would put the whole assembly into a mid-temperature furnace with an oxidizing atmosphere- 350C would be plenty -and wait for the 3D printed model to burn out! Easy.