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"Under the Granger is only part of the NBA 2K18 MT work content, Van Gaal will take their own team of cronies to Old Trafford, and the former Dutch national Klui Yite is one of them - - Manchester United striker Van Persie is looking forward to the arrival of idols. But there are still variables, because Kluivert's wife is suffering from cancer, whether he should be invited by Van Gaal, not clear. Milan away 0-2 loss to Rome,

Baluoteli once again become the focus of the NBA Live Coins game, Ba God in the course of the game many times to his teammates, coach roar, after the game also prompted Twitter may leave Milan this summer. Balotelli in Milan, the situation is bad, which also affected his position in the national team, "Gazzetta dello Sport," said Prandelli has been considered no Balotelli Italian national team, Cassano may replace the Palestinian Lottley's position. And Milan is also looking for Baluoteli home,

Monaco and Manchester are interested in the introduction of Balotelli. Balotelli has scored 14 league goals for Milan this season, is the number one scorer in the Rossoneri, but the Italian media and fans of the Balotelli request is too harsh, Balotelli at all times Under pressure. Milan away game Rome, Baluoteli in the field is very impatient, and his teammates shouted a long time, was replaced when the end of the friction and Seedorf.

After the game Balotelli and in buynba2k Twitter, said: "I put Italy into two parts! Daoshi foreigners are united in my side." Balotelli in Milan, the poor situation, which also affected him in The location of the Italian national team. Although the 2012 European Cup, Baluoteli is the Italian striker core, against the German team, Baluoteli is the power of a blow to the Germanic chariot. But the last year,