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I tried adding weights but Tiko would not work so I took my weights out of the plastic holders and found that at least one of my weights is 12 grams heavier than the others which may have caused an imbalance issue. I'm going to re measure all my weights and give the weights another try.
Tiko woke up ANGRY!

I was getting error messages that it was not able to calibrate itself and then would push the hot nozzle down into the print bed and burned a hole in it. It did that twice as I kept fooling around with it.
It also would not allow me to load filament and couldn't tell if it had filament loaded or not.
Also when I turned it over there was a red light blinking.
Most of my weights were pretty close to what you specified.

I checked all of the connections and did everything I could and it was still super unhappy.
This afternoon I took the weights off and its as happy as can be.

I'm going to print a new set of weight boxes and try weighting the motors again. I filed down my weights so they are all almost exactly the same weight now (41.1 grams).
Make sure the motors do they homing routine correctly, go up, stop, go down a bit, stop, go up again, stop, go down a bit, then stop. If you tilt the Tiko in it's side and power it up, you can observe the homing routine.
Maybe one of the motor is catching on one of the ribs near the top.
I carefully measured my weights so they are all the same and plugged the tiko in and all 3 of the motors go as far up into the housing as they can go and there is a rumbling or grinding sound as they hit the end of their travel and try to keep going. My guess is that the switches on the tops are not making contact the way they should. Not sure what the best thing to do here.
Can you give me some advice?
one or more of your motor is hitting the rib at the top.
To determine which one:
unplug the power
Turn Tiko upside down and rest it on the table
pull on the liquifier as far as it will go without the motor going off the rails
Detach all rods from the motor carriages
While holding the liquifier in one hand, plug the power in
observe the motor going up the rail (well down in this case)
You will see which motor doesn't complete the homing routine
unplug the power
remove the offending motor
examine the motor weight if it is well lined up. the gap should be flush with the motor.
when it's fixed, put the motor back in and repeat the test.
if all is good, put everything back and print away.
I am getting Tiko-4947-Error-301 ( Stuck Filament Error) at start up with the filament unloaded.
then the motors go as far up into the housing as they can and grind for a few seconds then turn off.
The lights are flashing the SOS signal the whole time.

I want to try smaller weights. Not sure if that will cure the layer shifting or not.
I am now getting the motors to go to the top without them grinding,

but its still giving me the SOS flash and the hot spot says Tiko -4947 - Error-301 which means filament is stuck in the extruder but I have taken the filament out of the extruder.

Any help would be appreciated.
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