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I'm having the exact same error 301 failure to home issue. I have removed all motors and am trying to home just one at a time... I'm currently at 100% failure. Any pointers on what to cut away or grind away to make these mounts work? It is very hard to see what is interfering all the way at the top; it looks to get very close to home....
Total weight added to each motors: 82 ~ 85 grams.
Two questions:

1) Do you think there might be any merit to more weight?
2) Have you noticed any heat build-up in the motors, on long/active prints?

I get the impression you found lighter weights not as effective. Also the weights are restricted in size, so as to not interfere with the movement of the arms, so you can not(?) try more weight.

I am a bit concerned wrapping the metal body of the motor in plastic, as heat can no longer flow out the sides of the motor. No notion if this is a real problem, or not. Have you noticed any heat build-up in the motors?
no heat buildup, and I'm routinely running 24hrs prints.
More weight? depends if 85 grms is not enough to bring the motors back down after pushing them up and release them.

Stepper motors are a different kind of beast than the electric motors most familiar to people. Stepper motors are always under power, even when not moving. They have to be made to withstand high current, all the time, so they get hot, all the time. More stress won't make any difference.
I took the weights off and it still would not home.
at that point in couldn't stand it anymore and destroyed the whole printer.
You won't likely see any more posts from me here. I don't know if I will get another printer or just go back to using Shapeways.
That's really cool! I thought that everything made of lead was banned... :?
I picked up a variety of lead fishing weights from the local WalMart. Since I do not (yet) have a functioning 3D printer, the weight (~88g) is hanging from a paperclip attached to a tie-wrap around the motor. ... readedhill

Very much a funky hack. :)

The first print is proceeding. No layer shifts, and past the point where I saw severe layer shifts.
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