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JohninOttawa wrote:Well that was a dramatic improvement.


BTW motor mount screw looks to be #4 by 7/16 or so. Does that fit with others' observations?, it did not seem to be a metric thread, might want to increase length by 1/8 to account for the sinker so it threads through. will see how it holds.



I believe they are M3

joshskirk wrote:@Pratyeka where id you get the weights, amazon? What are the dimensions/mass of each individual one?

@Theodonkulus Yes they seem to be bad, totally wacky quality now and they were half decent. I'm going to start recording data, power to each motor, etc., and see what is really going on. This will allow a test procedure to swap out motors and narrow down the real issue. ;)
I'm back to no weights, and just living with 5mm/s print speed. Anything else and I am introducing more errors than I'm eliminating. I do have Pratyeka's clips top and bottom of the motor, no black hose and I have the mineral oil filter added just before the filament enters Tiko. Wild. Looking at going over my original Tiko sacrificial victim to see if I can get it close to this one.Then on to the others. ;)
That does not surprise me, the wide differences in specs from one machine to another will cause each one to behave and react differently. Observe, test, observe, rinse, repeat...
I have been able to document at least on site that a non smooth filament moment will also provide layer shifts! So I'm addressing that, 7.5 prints now without a layer shift, from small and round, to tall and round to tall and thin and round and a large blocky detail piece among the variations. So it seems once one spends the time to address the issues you end up with a fairly reasonable 3D printer.
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