Find out unique and better ways to create things with your Tiko.
You could have yourself a little cottage industry hot-rodding Tikos. You could be the Carroll Shelby of the 3D printer world.

("Is that a Tiko?" "That's a Pratyeka Tiko!)
Just wanted to chime in I printed your weight holders as well and they along with tightened motor rail clips seem to help solve most all the mechanical tiko issues. I have also noticed my build plate doesn't quite match up to the clear tiko body so sometimes hitting a bump can twist the whole unit on the plate.

I used these for weight (lead is heavier than steel) and could fit 5 (maybe 6 if you take adhesive off) in each square side of the holders. (requires 2 packs) each unit is 1/4oz or 7g so ends up 70+g per motor.

Great Planes Segmented Lead Weights, 6-Ounce
by Great Planes
Thanks for this info on the weights. I was looking at options and they were too expensive. For example tungsten is heavier as well and I thought may be better but much more expensive (i.e. "Pinewood Derby Weights - Tungsten" on Amazon).

Thanks again for this info.
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