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Just took the teflon tape off and it passed auto calibration and I am printing the demo without layer shift. So I guess I did not need the tape. My printer was one from the latest batch. Who knows maybe they tighten the grips on the stepper motors on this last batch.

Anyway the grease may work out though. I will have to print a few more things and see.
Thanks to the pioneers that are discovering and solving these issues.

My TIKO arrived today, and it looks like I'll need to get some grease, at the least.

Where are you applying the grease exactly? It sounds like you're putting in on the tape itself?
Not on the tape. The grease is applied to the rails on the inside walls of the Tiko. If tape is applied then you add grease to them also. This allows the stepper motors to travel with less friction. See the following link with many kudos to Pratyeka for this process: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1008 and to FritzToch for documenting part of the process as well: viewtopic.php?p=6273&sid=3bbf97f619c272 ... 47b6#p6273
If anyone is interested in understanding how delta printers calculate each move: ... calculated
If you can understand this, then you will understand what causes the layer shifts and why sometime small objects print without shifts while large objects have horrible shifts.
I got the picture from the site. I will update it.

I will leave text in because I heard they may put it back in later. Not sure.
Just chiming in that I got my best print yet after greasing my rails. I tested for looseness and they all feel fine. Tried to print this nautilus gear 3 times and got bad layer shift every time, then got 2 nice prints after greasing the rails.
I may have spoken too soon. I tried printing the parts for @Pratyeka's spool holder and had 6 failed prints today, all bad layer shifting. Trying something smaller now--the keychain project from the TinkerCAD tutorial, and with some FoxSmart PLA. If that works well, I may try it on the filament spool holder tomorrow.
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