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The They think this is NBA Live Mobile Coins a fantastic day for Giggs, he mobilized the Manchester United players to play, he should enjoy the victory. "Daily Mail" said: "Ryan Giggs coaches to become the focus of attention, Dream Theater back to harmony, Manchester United to send the perfect victory, the Red Devils fire finally ushered in the blowout moment." The possibility of change is not 40 years old Of the Welsh people is currently the Red Devils of the temporary coach, although ushered in the public praise of the opener,

Giggs also enjoy new jobs, "hear the fans singing, I am as long as 10 feet." But from a practical point of view Said that Giggs is likely to NBA Live 18 Coins change next season, Manchester United Board hopes to choose an experienced marshal to repair the bad results of the season, and Van Gaal is their ideal candidate. Van Gaal hopes to quickly determine the coaching contract with Manchester United, so he will be able to concentrate on preparing for the World Cup.

To know that he now also shoulder the responsibility of leading the motherland team in the Netherlands World Cup, in the current public opinion environment, Van Gaal simply can not wholeheartedly to plan the World Cup. According to the "Daily Mirror" argument, Van Gaal and Manchester United basically reached a consensus, this has been in Ajax, Barcelona and other giants coached marshal even think that Giggs can work with him.

Ryan Giggs refused to Mmogo discuss the future of his coaching career, and said Manchester United now need to focus on competing for a seat in the European Cup. He said: "At the moment I did not think so much other things, I only consider my game this week I have been focused on the coaching work, so I do not have time to consider the future.I am now the work is to let players We are ready to play the next game.