BY TeamTiko
Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new-and-improved Tiko forum, hope you like the look and feel of the place. We're here to deliver two great pieces of news!

Meet the mods! We received a number of requests from our most dedicated members who wish to take on the responsibility of moderation in the forums. We got to know you a bit, and we'd now like to introduce you all to:

Kushari - " Kushari has always been active in many communities all over the internet. He has had a passion for technology ever since he was young which started with building his first PC. He likes to be on the edge of bleeding technologies and any chance he gets to be a part of them is a no brainer. Finally he has many years of experience on forums. "

Pilottux - " Tiko is my first 3D printer, and has made it possible to 3D print designs without having to spend thousands of dollars, Tiko also allows me experiment and find the Tiko's limits, then how it could be modified to remove these limits. By becoming a Tiko moderator it allows me to help the Tiko community expand, without conflict and help the Tiko community make the most from TIKO. I live in Australia and love to play PC games with friends and building desktops. "

MadModder - "Electronics hobbyist and forum junkie from Sweden, sometimes with a slight tendency for perfectionism. Why would I want to be a moderator? I don't know. Why not? Sometimes when I see something wrong on the internet, I want to correct it. Haha! And of course it's nice to help other people out and keep the community on a comfortable strole in the park. :) "

Runey 71 - " I firmly believe that Tiko has the potential to change the face of 3D printing and finally bring it into the consumer market. It is exciting being part of that change by backing Tiko. Becoming a moderator provides me the opportunity to feel just a little more involved in such a fantastic project. I have been an administrator and moderator of large forums in the past. As well as having provided technical support via forums for a software developer. My background is in electrical engineering, programming, and web development. I hope my skills and experience enables me to be a moderator worthy of Tiko. "

This piece of news is really slick - we've added a "Backer Badge" to the forum, so if you are a Kickstarter backer you can get your very own backer badge to show your support! :)


Simply go to the Badge Registration page, enter your Kickstarter email and backer number, and aw yiss! You'll be the cool kid on the block.

Thanks for supporting us guys, happying Tiko-Talking!

Team Tiko
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BY Dragonquiz
Wow you guys are awesome firstly that kickstarter post was actually good and brought great joy that you got the problems out of the way, can't wait till the next one. Secondly nice job on the forums hopefully the fixes are soon and lastly the KS badges are a nice touch, but the registration page is missing its css. Overall nice job on the site and the inclusion of the KS badge as well as the welcoming of the moderators.
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BY ranger58
[quote="jerrys1024"]What is a "backer number" and where do you get one?[/quote]
In Kick Starter click on me, select the Backed projects link on the left (don't click on the Tiko link shown on the right hand side)

On the backed projects page click on the Tiko project and it should show your Backer number next to the bottom of the Picture.

Hope this helps
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BY adastra
[quote="jerrys1024"]What is a "backer number" and where do you get one?[/quote]

you can find your backer # on your kickstarter account, click "Backed projects", then find/click "Tiko - The Unibody 3D Printer". You should be able to find your backer # above the line "Latest update"

Hope this helps :)
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BY Rock and Troll
I really like the new forum style even if I have the missing image and formatting bug.
And look at my badge, so cool!! Thank you guys!!

And I am happy about the moderators, I hope that they will be good. Pleeease, don't ban me! Ahah :P
Concerning the backer number
- go to
- click the arrow in the upper right corner, which will show a list of backed projects
- you may need to log in to Kickstarter
- you then be on the backed projects page, click on Tiko 3d
- your backer number is to the right of the Green ' Funded' bar.